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Hadithi Zetu a Tanzanian film production company that focuses on preserving Swahili language, culture and the environment around us through local stories, we create a platform for local community members to tell their stories and then partner with local artists to make these stories come to life through film.

Currently we have been developing a scripted web series called Binadamu, it has been shot and will be released on YouTube episodically this June. You can watch the trailer at www.binadamu.net

Binadamu follows three brothers as each chases their obsession: wealth, power, and love. When they were children, they made a deal with a witch to buy success; now they are trying to escape the consequences.  The film features an entirely Tanzania cast, and is shot in Arusha and surrounding towns. It was written and directed by Jackson Fute and Paul Boccaccio; produced by Rebecca Mandich and Rebekah Adams.

Web series in Africa are just growing as a new platform to tell stories online and we at Hadithi Zetu have decided to use this growing platform through YouTube. It is also easier to reach wider audiences who want to discover contents from Africa, we will be grateful if you can share and write about this exciting new web series. We look forward to hearing from you.

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