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Chahya James Mtiro

Dr. Mtiro
Date of Birth: 
Wednesday, December 25, 1957
Place of Birth: 


Mr. Chahya James Mtiro was born on 25 December 1957 in Mara region – Tanzania. Currently, he is staying in Dar es Salaam city; working with the Department of Fine and Performing Arts in the University of Dar es Salaam. He has been there since 2002 as theatre practitioner. He is a teacher by profession. His education background includes Primary Education (Tanzania); Secondary Education (Tanzania); Primary School Teaching Certificate; Certificate in Theatre Arts (Butimba Teachers College (1984/86); Advanced Level Certificate (Tanzania); Diploma in Education (Tanzania); BA in Theatre Arts (University of Dar es Salaam 1993/96; MA in Theatre Arts (University of Dar es Salaam 2003/05; and MA in Dramatic Arts (University of the Witwatersrand – Johannesburg in South Africa (2008/9).

As a teacher by profession, Mr. Mtiro taught in different Primary schools and Colleges of educations in Tanzania. As a theatre practitioner he has worked in different fields. From 1986 – 1991 he worked as Theatre Tutor or Drama instructor at Butimba Teachers’ College. From 1st March 2010 – 15th March 2010: he was hired by Tanzania Community Civic Initiatives in Dar es Salaam to work as Artistic Director for Community Theatre awareness in Four regions in Tanzania. He trained and directed actors for Civic education purposes.

From 1st June 2010 – 15th June 2010: he worked as Artistic Director for Community Theatre where he trained and directed actors for Civic education mobilized by Tanzania Community Civic Initiatives in Dar es salaam. From 1st September 2009 – 30th August 2010: he worked as Consultant and Artistic Director. He trained cultural groups for disseminating Family Planning & HIV/AIDS prevention messages in 4 regions. Those who financed the move were Acquire Tanzania Project and ENGENDERHEALTH – Tanzania Office – Dar es Salaam.

From July 2009 – July 2010: worked as Consultant & and Drama/Theatre Programme Coordinator at Music Mayday Centre – Dar es Salaam. He produced a short film based on Tanzania’s National Election 2010. The short film titled Anza na Kura mobilized the youth to participate actively in the 2010 election. From 5th – 9th June 2009: he worked as Community Theatre Consultant and Trainer in Zanzibar. He trained Zanzibar’s group how to use Theatre and drama in preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS. Zanzibar AIDS Committee and THESODE organization financed the training. From 10th May – 19th May 2008: Trained actors and worked as a film Sound technician in producing a film titled “If you dont fix a crack. It was sponsored by TGPSH and GTZ. The film targeted Iringa region environments. From 1st July – 8th July 2007: he worked as Consultant and Children Panorama facilitator. He facilitated children how to vocalise their rights through drama during Zanzibar festival week. From 9th June – 15th June 2007: he worked as Community Theatre Consultant and Trainer. He trained local artists how to air anti HIV/ AIDS messages dramatically. Zanzibar HIV/AIDS Committee financed the training.

On 5th June 2012 he was contracted by NACTE Tanzania to review Bagamoyo college of Arts Curriculum: Training Programme – NTA Level 4 – 6. On 1st March 2012 – 30th April 2012 he worked as consultant with TANAM – Trustee of Malaria in Tanzania. He was assigned to produce a play on Malaria and a documentary based on anti malaria campaign in Dar es Salaam. He organized acting group, wrote malaria play and documented it. From 30th June 2013, Mr. Mtiro was contracted by Tanzania Community Civic Initiatives as an Artistic Director and Chief trainer on Human rights awareness campaign in Morogoro and Dodoma regions from July to December. The project was sponsored by US Aid. From July 2014 to August 2014 he trained other two groups: one from Dodoma and another from Morogoro to run the same programme for the two similar regions under up-scaling programme under the US Aid. In general, Mr. Mtiro has also administered managerial roles and publicity duties as well.

Dr. Mtiro is the Producer and Director for one Month Date




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