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Paul Mashauri

Date of Birth: 
Friday, April 24, 1981


Paul Raphael K. Mashauri is a self-made entrepreneur, thought-after inspirational speaker, blogger, inspirational writer  and actor. He was born on 24th April, 1981 in Kwiro, Mahenge Morogoro. He comes from a family of Mr and Mrs Raphael Kazurunga Mashauri and the two were blessed with six children namely Eric, Happy, Lilian, Jackline, Paul and Edward. Paul’s father originated from Masonga village in Ukerewe district, Mwanza while his mother originated from Kashenye, Kanyigo Bukoba in Kagera region. Paul Mashauri is a kara by tribe.

Paul’s parents were teachers and had a privilege to work in various regions across the country. Mr. Mashauri was a long time headmaster for various secondary schools in Tanzania including Kwiro secondary school (Morogoro), Mpwawa secondary school (Dodoma), Bwiru secondary school (Mwanza) and Ifunda Secondary school (Iringa). For that reason, Paul and his relatives were raised in different places including Biharamuro, Kagera, Mahenge Morogoro, Mpwapwa, Dodoma, Bwiru, Mwanza, Ifunda Iringa and Sinza Dar es Salaam.

When he grew up, Paul demonstrated high level of academic brilliance at very early stages in school. He performed very well at his final primary school exams to secure for himself an opportunity to join Mzumbe special school in Morogoro which was one of the very few special schools for talented students in academics.

While in Mzumbe, Paul became active in debate and faith organisations. He pioneered the establishment of Mzumbe Debate Society and joined UKWATA ( a christian based student organisation ) while in form one. When he was in form two, his father was serving as the Director of Private Education in the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (1996) thus Paul was advised to stay with his mother in Dar es Salaam thus joined Forodhani secondary school (currently S.t Joseph secondary school).

In 1997, Paul became a student leader as an Assistant Head Prefect, Forodhani secondary school, the position he served successfully managing to organise students into talents clubs including the Model UN General Assembly of the Youth of United Nations (YUNA), Roots and Shoots by Dr. Jane Goodall, Debate club, Drama club, sports groups etc.

In 1999, Paul joined St. Anthony secondary school Mbagala for his Advanced level studies pursuing HGE (History Geography and Economics). Apart from being vibrant while at St. Anthony as an active member of the debate club and UKWATA, Paul joined various youth organisation which he served in different capacities of leadership. Some of these organisations include Tanzania Youth Vision Association (TYVA) as the founding Deputy Secretary General and Youth of the United Nations (YUNA) as the member of the Executive Committee. His experience in youth activism and part time job at ALEA Furnitures gave him exposure, experience and connections to people at all levels. At St. Anthony secondary school, Paul was known for his inspiring and provocative morning talks.

Upon completion of his Advanced level studies, Paul joined the University of Dar es Salaam to pursue a double major degree in Economics and Sociology. While at the University of Dar es Salaam, Paul became a student leader as the President of UDSM Human Rights and Chairman of the Mabibo Hostels. In academics, Paul decided to opt in Political science and public administration studies alongside his major degree courses in Economics and Sociology in order to widen up his knowledge and understanding of the world. He attended his practical training at the UN's International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha where he learned extensively on Human Rights, War Crimes, Genocide and the UN work in general.

After the university, Paul wanted to start his own business thus sought for mentorship attachments from his relatives and friends in business including Mr. Robert Edward of ALEA Furnitures, Eric Mashauri of Travel Partner Ltd, Happiness Mashauri of JOMIHA Enterprises, Eric Shigongo of Global Publishers Ltd, Ali Fawazi of B & M Freight Forwarders Ltd, Reginald Mengi of IPP Group of companies and Sara Masasi of Masasi signs Ltd. He later championed for the establishment of a magazine called School & Colleges (S&C Magazine) as well as the newspaper called Familia Newspaper. Both the two initiatives were a collective effort of brothers and friends he met and or went to school with at the university of Dar es Salaam.

The newspaper and magazine business did't perform well and Paul went jobless in 2006. But he never gave up. In 2007 he started the East Africa Speakers Bureau (EASB) and was joined by his friend and partner Moses E. Mnzava. The East Africa Speakers Bureau was the first and hitherto the only speakers agency in East Africa which opened up doors for motivational speaking business in Tanzania. When the bureau became a success, Paul and his team decided to diversify their business interests into media, tourism and consultancy. He co-founded the National Tour Operator Ltd (NATOL), 24 Hrs Print & Media Technologie Ltd, Paul & Jensen Group and A Home Idea.

For his knowledge and experience, Paul was invited to work with various private and public sector entities. He has worked extensively with the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI), Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA), UONGOZI Institute etc.

Beyond technical expertise, Paul has been sharing his knowledge and experience to people across sectors including corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, students, women, youth and the general public. His message has been heard and read by over a million people in Tanzania through lecture circuits as well as radio, TV and newspaper interviews. He has appeared before hundreds of people for keynote speeches in universities, embassies, various conferences and at the National stadium. He also appeared as a columnist for the entrepreneurship corner in the Daily News early in 2012 and his profile featured in various magazines and newspapers including MAN, The Daily News, The Guardian and The Citizen . He has been a guest speaker in various TV and radio shows on ITV, TBC, Star TV, BBC, Clouds TV, Clouds FM, Praise Power radio, Radio One Stereo, East Africa TV, East Africa Radio and Channel Ten. At times in 1913, Paul co-hosted Maisha ni Nyumba, a TV Program that East Africa Speakers Bureau produced for the past three years.

Inspired by Tyler Perry (one of the most successful black American film producers and actors), Paul at 33 years of age decided to venture into film both as an executive producer and actor. In his first movie project titled ONE MONTH DATE to be released on 21st November, 2014, Paul assumed important roles both as a co-executive producer and lead actor. He played Hezron Michael or Hezi (unmarried and childless) who is a young and successful entrepreneur falling in love with a divorced single mother of two children namely Vene.

He spends his spare time reading inspirational books, inspire people, writing articles, blogging, listen to music and watch movies. Paul Mashauri lives in Dar es Salaam and is married to Lilian John Msacky and are blessed with three children namely Cherish, Jensen and Shyreen.


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