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Salim Rupia

Date of Birth: 
Thursday, January 1, 1970
Place of Birth: 


Salim Rupia was born in Morogoro Tanzania and grew up in Mwanza and Bagamoyo Tanzania. He is a banker by professional working as a branch manager for National Bank of Commerce (NBC) in Zanzibar.

Rupia was raised by his relatives at different times. At first, he was taken from his parents by his sister Ashura Rupia at three years of age. Later in his life, Rupia lived with his brothers including Majalia, who is a retired factory manager, Bwanga Rupia, former accountant with Air Tanzania (ATC) and Khalfan Rupia, MP and former Director, Board of External Trade (BET). Currently Majalia lives in Morogoro while Bwanga and Khalfan lives in Moshi and Mbezi, Dar es Salaam respectively.

Rupia attended different schools at afferent times partly because those who raised him up kept on shifting to various locations following their official workplace transfers. At professional level, Rupia attended Forestry college in Olmonty Arusha, Utalii college, Nairobi, NCC, UK, IDCL, UCT, South Africa and Crest International Us, Bullet Proof Management. After college, Rupia worked as a forest officer for two years, hotelier for 5 years before joining NBC.

In his early life, Rupia demonstrated a great talent in football. Throughout his life, he has been playing football at different levels. It was soccer that gave him an opportunity to work with NBC at the time when football could not only offer income for a living but also a life time career.  

His first appearance  into movies goes back to 2005 when he was featured in a movie known as KANISA LA LEO by one of the famous actors in Tanzania film industry namely JB. In the movie, Rupia’s wife who was  very famous as Ketty in the 1990’s TV Drama known as Mambo Hayo featuring such famous names as Bishanga Bashaija, Rich Richie, Waridi and JB was one of the casts and his experience in the production process encouraged him to venture into the film industry. Since then, Rupia has been instrumental in the growth of the film industry and his work has been seen across the country. Some of his major projects include Sim Card (2008), DNA (2011), Wheel Chair (2011), Family Curse (2012), Kaburi-not yet released (2013), Mchepuke-not yet released (2014) and TV series titled Simu ya mkononi broadcasted by Tanzania Broadcasting Cororation TBC betwen 2010 and 2012.

In the movie One Month Date, Rupia plays Lundi who is Hezron’s best friend and partner in business. Lundi and Hezi co-founded Mbuyuni Co. Ltd which is a construction management company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In the movie, Lundi is Hezi’s right hand man and main adviser on matters related to relationships and marriage.


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