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Walter Odemba

Date of Birth: 
Thursday, December 7, 1989
Place of Birth: 


Walter Odemba was born on 7th December 1989 in Shinyanga Municipal. He is the only son to her mother Regina Marwa and his late Father Kassimu Mohamedi (Peace be upon him).Walter was raised by his Father in Bukoba district Kagera region. His father is Haya by tribe while his mother Regina Marwa is Jaluo by tribe. Walter grew up in Shinyanga and Mwanza

Walter did his Kindergaten studies in Shinyanga and primary school studies in Bunda (Musoma). His Father sent him to his Aunt in Bunda (Musoma) while he was seven years old and spent  seven good years without his mother. After his Father’s death in 2002 , Walter left Bunda to Shinyanga for studies, Upon completion of his primary education in Shinyanga, Walter joined Buluba Secondary School in Shinyanga and succeeded to attain a Secondary school Certificate. He then moved to Mwanza for Advance level studies where he stayed with his beautiful sister Cecilia Odemba  who became Miss Shinyanga in 2001.

Walter was selected to join Thaqafa High School  in the year 2008 to pursue HKL (History,Kiswahili and Language). He graduated In 2009 with a certificate of Advanced Level studies and thereafter he joined online internet Studies.  

In 2010, Walter was selected by Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) to join the University of Dar-es-salaam to pursue Bachelor of Arts in Law Enforcement (Law with Administration). Upon completion of his undergraduate degree studies, Walter joined UDSM Human Rights Association as a Human Right activist and awarded a certificate in Human right activism.

After University, Walter joined mind-set transformation Programmes including  Chimbo (school of Thought)  in Dar- es-salaam  and  Temino, a radio Show on Clouds FM that Walter works as a producer.

If you could ask Walter 12 years ago of his dream  in life, acting was not one of them, though he was inspired by different actors worldwide

In 2014 Paul Mashauri introduced Walter into the  East African Film Industry  (One Month date) a movie that he played as NGO activist. This is Walter’s first appearance in the film industry. He acknowledges Mashauri for  unleashing  his potential for acting both as a  mentor  and manager.


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