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Yahaya Janeto

Date of Birth: 
Monday, October 10, 1960
Place of Birth: 


Yahaya Janeto was born on 10th October, 1960 at Ocean Road Hospital in Dar es Salaam. His father Mr. Janeto and his mother Mrs. Zuhura Kambi were blessed with eleven children. Unfortunately three of Yahaya’s relatives passed away (peace be upon them). The rest of his family members to date include Kanduya, Yahaya, Sudi, Mkiwa, Fatuma and Zaituni. Janeto is a civil servant and actor.

Yahaya’s education background can be traced back in the 1970s. He attended various schools by then including St. Xavier or Goan school, currently known as Kibasila as well as Wailes primary school in Temeke. Upon completion of his primary education, Yahaya continued with secondary education in various schools  including Kwiro secondary school, Mahenge Morogoro and Kibohehe secondary school in Moshi.

His acting career can be traced back in his old school days. While pursuing  his secondary education at Kwiro, Yahaya became part of the school drama group which played Shaaban Rober’s creative peace known as ‘Kusadikika’. In this work, Yahaya role played the character of a pompous minister.

Apart from acting, Yahaya is passionate about football, music, physical  fitness and movies. His first involvement in the film industry came into place in 2013 when he made an appearance  in the movie known as NETWORK directed by John Khalage under Proin Entertainment Ltd. He also casted in the movie Lost student directed by Mustafa Masoud.

In one Month Date, Yahaya Janeto role played Hezron’s father. He lives with his family in Dar es Salaam.


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